Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills, meet like-minded people and make a real difference to your local community.

Volunteering is also hugely important to the Museums of Cheshire. Over 700 people each year give their energy and expertise to our museums and galleries.

They spend over 66,000 hours annually supporting our venues, which given the funding cuts many museums are experiencing is vitally important. Without our volunteers many museums and galleries simply would not open their doors, and all kinds of special projects and activities would not take place.

Volunteer Development Programme:

Throughout 2018, Museum Development North West funded Museums of Cheshire to run a Volunteer Development Programme. We ran a series of workshops to help develop the soft skills of our volunteers. Following 4 training sessions, we have produced some Toolkits, which we hope will be helpful for people volunteering within Cheshire and beyond.

Online Social Media Toolkit

Public Speaking Toolkit

Interpretation and Editing Toolkit

Project Management Toolkit